The World Will Note

This work was completed in October 2012 for the final dissertation of my diploma in Electronic Music at the conservatoire of S. Cecilia in Rome. It consisted in creating the complete sound (track) for a contemporary silent film. See details below the video. The accompanying paper in Italian is available.

Available on Vimeo: The World Will Note from Lorenzo Sutton on Vimeo.

The World Will Note is a video story by director Matteo Scarfò, with sound by Lorenzo Sutton. Inspired by English writer James G. Ballard, it is set in a science fictional, post apocalyptic world. Two alienated, mysterious and ambiguously intriguing characters move in a devastated and wild landscape: a world where even sound perception is an entirely exceptional experience. The story is about historical awareness of the atomic holocaust, de-humanisation generated by warfare and our relationship with the concept of 'the machine'.

Matteo Sarfò is also the director of the 2016 feature film L'Ultimo sole della notte for which I composed the original sound track.